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Bit Strip Should Be Your Go To Comic Making Tool | Audio Review #120

Overview A teacher at Concordia attended a class on digital literacy and learned about a tool called Bit Strips.  Apparently this has been around for awhile, but I have never heard of it and really enjoyed creating the comic above.  Bit Strip really has everything you could want in a comic making tool.  You can […]

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Audio Review # 69 | FutureMe Gives You Permission To Talk To Yourself a Year Later

Overview FutureMe  is a simple site that lets you do one basic thing: write a letter to yourself in the future. You can also choose to make your letter private, public or public and anonymous.  I like the last option, but reccomend private for students. They do have an iPhone app, but the website is […]

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Audio Review # 52 | Easily create beautiful iBooks!

Overview This is a powerful app for creating books on your tablet.  There are lots of these out there, but this is my current favorite. Students can draw, write, and even add video, photos and audio to their writing and then publish their books.  The books are published in an ePub format and so you […]

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