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Curation Cures Your Need To Check Out Every Edtech Resource | Reflection Friday #3

Chris – Curation sounds like a healing art, and perhaps it is. But I must say that with a caveat. In the spring of 2015 the world generates of 56,000 tweets every 10 … seconds. That’s right, 10 seconds! Over 30,000 hours of video is watch on Youtube in those same 10 seconds. No one […]

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Audio Review # 48 | Annotary puts database researchers on notice

Overview Annotary is a highlighting, bookmarking, sharing, research tool that captures web-based content for examination and dissemination. If you conduct web-based research, this tool is for you. Concerns My concern centers on the need to teach students effective research skills. I have no concerns for the site other than that it may not be used […]

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