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Virulent Is An Infectiously Engaging Simulation | Audio Review # 126

Overview Virulent is an iTunes app simulation of virus behavior that incorporates gamification elements to engage students from grades 4-12 in exploring the microscopic world. The player becomes the “mind” of the viral invader, seeking to combat the defenses of the host in order to not only survive, but to thrive. The graphics are crisp, […]

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Tech Talk Roundtable 65 | Sorry Dave, I Can’t Let You Do That

Chris, Jamie and Michael discuss the articles of the week and share their edtech tips. Articles of the Week how emotions help you learn campaign-archive1.com Annie Murphy Paul hits another home run as she illustrates the link between emotional connection and self-talk with learning. Can’t trust this: Inconsistencies shake faith in Apple | Macworld macworld.com When it comes to […]

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