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Audio Review # 89 | Dream Box Learning Provides Adaptive Online Math Learning

Overview I don’t know if you’d agree, but I think that the hardest thing about teaching is trying to effectively differentiate so that you meet all the different needs in your room.  It’s so hard to know how to tailor the curriculum for your room and to adjust that with each new concept and topic […]

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Audio Review # 88 | Plant Nanny App Motivates You To Drink Water!

Overview Plant Nanny is a new fun app that reminds me of the old Tamagotchi Digi Pets from the 90’s combined with a Chia Pet.  When you start the app you get to choose a plant that you are going to raise.  You “feed” your plant by watering it, but in order to water the […]

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Audio Review # 86 | Bees and Honey builds mouse skills for your students.

Overview This is a classic game that I’ve used for years with the youngest classes I work with.  G2 and lower always have trouble using a mouse the first few times we get on the computer.  So I started integrating mouse practice into our tech curriculum.  Tvokids has a great game called “Bees and Honey” […]

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Interview 48 | Caroline Hu Flexer Tells Us All About The Amazing Apps Created By Duck Duck Moose

Today I talk with Caroline Hu Flexer CEO and Co-founder of Duck Duck Moose.  Duck Duck Moose designs and builds educational apps for kids.  Their company designs apps that are built with the creativity and out of the box thinking that we want to inspire in our students.  These apps are tested by kids and […]

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Audio Review #84 | The Answer Pad gives you instant feedback on how students are progressing

Overview The Answer Pad is a new tool that I just learned about and am excited to try with my math students.  Log on to The Answer Pad and you will be able to set up your class to take quick formative or summative quizzes to help you know if students are understanding what you […]

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Audio Review #83 | Clarify your makes instructions impossible to misunderstand.

Overview I learned about the Clarify App about two years ago but didn’t think I needed it.  I was totally wrong.  Clarify allows you to create quick “how to” pages or visually explain your edits or corrections on a layout.  I didn’t originally think I needed the app because you can do everything Clarify does […]

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Audio Review #80 | The Noun Project Simplifies Communication

Overview Visual literacy, visual notetaking, visual… you name it.  The theme this year in tech seems to be visual.  When I first attended a PD session on visual notetaking I was honestly a bit overwhelmed.  Drawing, although something I love, is not something I feel very confident about.  Then I learned about The Noun Project […]

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Audio Review # 74 | Misfit helps you track your fitness.

Overview We all want to be healthier and a huge number of people make health related new year’s resolutions each year but we don’t always reach our goals.  The Misfit is a new fitness tracker that allows you to keep track of your steps and sleep and helps to show you if you are making […]

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Audio Review #67 | Wordle asks, What Does Your Word Choice Say About You?

Overview I’m not an artsy person so when I find something that makes it look like I know something about design and graphics without requiring a lot of effort on my part, I love it.  I came across wordle several years ago at a tech conference and it has become a tool that I use […]

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Audio Review # 64 | Britanica Image Quest is a Safe Place for Students to Search for Images.

Overview The most frustrating part of any technology project in my classroom was trying to find the images.  I wanted my students to be able to bring their work to life, but having them search for photos on google lead to issues with copyright, unsavory photos popping up and constant problems with the size or […]

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