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Audio Review # 57 | This is Your Brain on Pop

Overview BrainPop “creates animated, curricular content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement.” Tom and Moby, the latter being a mischievous robot who communicates through beeps, give richly visual and common sense explanations for complex concepts in all major elementary and middle school academic fields. If this resource were only about the videos, I […]

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Audio Review # 48 | Annotary puts database researchers on notice

Overview Annotary is a highlighting, bookmarking, sharing, research tool that captures web-based content for examination and dissemination. If you conduct web-based research, this tool is for you. Concerns My concern centers on the need to teach students effective research skills. I have no concerns for the site other than that it may not be used […]

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Audio Review # 45 | BHL Card Generator Makes Fantasy Card Generation Simple

Overview Big Huge Lab’s free trading card generator allows the user to create any number of playing cards, offering background style choices, a few card-game inspired graphics, and the ability to include any image and text that one wants. Concerns No concerns here. This offering is almost limitless in its applications, leaving it up to […]

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Audio Review # 44 | Ed Tech Teacher Tools Toss Tips to Teachers

EdTechTeacher’s Tools Page Overview EdTechTeacher’s website is a bounty of curated resources, learning opportunities, and active communities of teachers all seeking the best for their students.  The tools page is particularly of note. Here, you will find teaching resources segregated by academic subject, topics, and learning activity. This page, like so much of what EdTechTeacher […]

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Audio Review # 41| Freeplay Music

FreePlay Music Website Overview FreePlay Music is a site where everyone can access music, both complete pieces and bumpers. Importantly, the site specifically caters to educational institutions, allowing the free use of their music files as long as the application is for student- or teacher-created materials intended to be used in the classroom. The specific […]

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Audio Review #40 | App Ed Review

Overview Maybe it’s only me, but I find myself getting slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps out there.  I’m a tech coach and I am supposed to be the one finding and recommending apps to teachers but if I spent all my time trying to find the best phonics app or addition app […]

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Audio Review #33 |Chronozoom

Overview Chronozoom is a timeline creation and sharing resource that is exquisitely suited for use in Big History classrooms, and also works well for teachers and students with some technical knowledge and willingness to build timelines. Alternatively, you can simply access timelines already populating the site. Just watch the introductory tour to completely “get” what […]

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Audio Review # 31| Thinglink

Overview Thinglink is a web tool that allows you to “link” any part of a page to a video, audio, website, etc. Videos can be imbedded directly onto a ThingLink page. Basically, ThingLink creates hot links over any image or webpage that you wish. The fact that ThingLink is versatile and easy learn makes it […]

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Audio Review # 27 | Harkness Recorder For Socrative Teaching Nuts

I have used this brand new product to score class discussions, Socratic Seminars, as well as the eponymous Harkness Method discussion. I am pleased with the efficiency of the product, and improvements are being made to make this site more user friendly. If you are seeking a more efficient and effective method of recording discussions, […]

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Audio Review #26 | FreeTech4Teachers Is a Never Ending Resource

FreeTech4Teachers   FreeTech4Teachers is a daily blog concerning all things Ed Tech. Richard Byrne, curator, goes to significant lengths to investigate the various apps, resources, and sites. He posts what he believes to be the best of them. If you are in to Ed Tech, then you would benefit from subscribing to his daily blog. […]

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