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Audio Review # 58 | Skaffl Allows Teachers to Distribute, Grade and Monitor Student Assignments

Overview Skaffl is a workflow system aimed at teachers in the classroom ready for a workflow system.  But… you need a class set of iPads or you won’t want to use this app. Skaffl lets you upload then distribute assignments for students to complete using the Skaffl on their iPads.  They can complete their work […]

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Audio Review # 56 | My Script Calculator Lets You Write on Your Calculator

Overview One of the reviewers for My Script Calculator writes, “I don’t know why a calculator that recognizes handwriting is so much more fun than a calculator with buttons, but it is.”  And it’s true.  My Script Calculator allows you to write math problems on the screen of your ipad or phone and then it […]

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Audio Review # 55 | Hootsuite makes tweeting easy.

Overview Do you ever feel like your social media is running away from you?  Or that you can’t seem to get started because you are worried about managing it?  Do you ever get annoyed at those people who seem to be able to post daily quickly and easily on every site?  I’ve felt all those […]

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Audio Review # 52 | Easily create beautiful iBooks!

Overview This is a powerful app for creating books on your tablet.  There are lots of these out there, but this is my current favorite. Students can draw, write, and even add video, photos and audio to their writing and then publish their books.  The books are published in an ePub format and so you […]

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Audio Review # 51 | Blog Photo Up App makes it quick and easy to post your photos on your blog.

Overview My favorite things about cell phones today vs. a few years ago is the camera.  I’ve honestly stopped using my old point and shoot and always use my phone now and the quality of my pictures is far better.  As a teacher I find that I take more photos than used to as well […]

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Audio Review # 49 | Google Translate App Upgrade Includes Real Time Conversation Translation

Overview The Google Translate App for iOS and Android has always been a useful little app.  Living in China, I use it to translate strange text messages I receive on my phone. Just this month, Google has released a HUGE update to the app.  You can now use it as an automated translator for conversations. […]

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Audio Review # 46 | Green Screen App makes creating green screen videos easier than ever.

Overview Sometimes we get really stuck with having students do presentations in the same way over and over.  But using the green screen allows you to have students actually “step into” their presentation and present like they are really there.  This is a simple, but powerful app that can allow you to do that.  All […]

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Audio Review #43 | Adsy Makes Mobile App Design Easy as Pie

Overview Adsy lets anybody, even you and your students, create a simple iPhone app to share with the world.  In reality, it is a web app that can be saved to your iOS device home screen and easily accessed.  This avoids the iTunes app store approval process and lets you get going right away. Use […]

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Audio Review #39| Geoboard

Overview I rarely recommend that elementary math teachers use the tech version of a manipulative rather than the actual tools.  However, I make an exception with the Geobaord app or online manipulative.  This tool is awesome for exploring a variety of mathematical topics introduced in the elementary and middle grades. Just like with the actual […]

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Audio Review # 38 | Introduce students of all ages to the world of programming with LightBot

Overview You are the little Lightbot robot and are asked to help light up the blue squares.  You tell the robot to move various steps, then turn on the light to change the color of the tile.  After programming it, you hit run and see if it worked. As it gets more difficult, you end […]

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