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Audio Review # 94 | Telestory Scaffolds Video Story Telling

Overview Telestory is an Mobile App designed to make building video stories easier. They phrase it this way “TeleStory is an augmented reality video camera that gets kids off the couch to perform and record their own TV shows through creative play.” Essentially Telestory scaffolds students as they go through the creative process of telling […]

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Audio Review # 92 | EverySlide Encourages Everyone to Interact With Your Slide Deck

Overview EverySlide is a wonderful service that lets you upload your presentation and easily share it with people in your audience. Ok, no big deal a lot of companies do that, but this has some extra twists to it.  After uploading the presentation a link is generated that you share with your audience members.  As […]

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Audio Review #84 | The Answer Pad gives you instant feedback on how students are progressing

Overview The Answer Pad is a new tool that I just learned about and am excited to try with my math students.  Log on to The Answer Pad and you will be able to set up your class to take quick formative or summative quizzes to help you know if students are understanding what you […]

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Audio Review # 78 | Docs Teach will learn ya’ how to use primary sources in the classroom

Overview Docs Teach is a website effort by the National Archives that promotes the use of primary source documents in middle- and high school history classrooms. The site is divided into activities and the documents themselves. The activities page is loaded with primary-source based activities that develop historical thinking skills. Intelligently, the National Archives has […]

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Audio Review # 72 | Workflow App Automates Your Pizza and Coffee Consumption

Overview Workflow is a superb iOS app that makes it easy to write scripts to stitch the powers of individual apps on your iOS device to each other. For example, you can create a workflow that will automagically look at your calendar, see both when and where your next appointment is and contact Uber to […]

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Audio Review # 70 | Moovly Didn’t Move Me

Overview Moovly is an online video editor and builder that allows you to create short, snappy videos that will catch people’s attention. Concerns The sound upload did not work for me. I sent Moovly an email using their support system. A week later, I still do not have a response. So … a big “Bombo!” […]

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Audio Review # 64 | Britanica Image Quest is a Safe Place for Students to Search for Images.

Overview The most frustrating part of any technology project in my classroom was trying to find the images.  I wanted my students to be able to bring their work to life, but having them search for photos on google lead to issues with copyright, unsavory photos popping up and constant problems with the size or […]

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Audio Review # 63 | Snap Your Ideas to Life with DIY Electronics

Overview I generally try to avoid writing a review on a product that I haven’t used yet, but our school just purchased these and I’m so excited I decided to share.  Little bits are a new product that is helping to bring STEM into classrooms.  What they are are parts of circuits that snap together […]

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Audio Review # 58 | Skaffl Allows Teachers to Distribute, Grade and Monitor Student Assignments

Overview Skaffl is a workflow system aimed at teachers in the classroom ready for a workflow system.  But… you need a class set of iPads or you won’t want to use this app. Skaffl lets you upload then distribute assignments for students to complete using the Skaffl on their iPads.  They can complete their work […]

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Audio Review # 55 | Hootsuite makes tweeting easy.

Overview Do you ever feel like your social media is running away from you?  Or that you can’t seem to get started because you are worried about managing it?  Do you ever get annoyed at those people who seem to be able to post daily quickly and easily on every site?  I’ve felt all those […]

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