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Audio Review # 114 | P2PU, By Any Other Name, Still Smells As Sweet

Overview P2PU’s (Peer to Peer University) tagline says it all, “Playful, networked learning experiences that last. Instead of lonely, anonymous online courses, our communities sustain interest and engagement because folks build them together. We are open and welcoming in everything we do, and help folks generally feel comfy on the internet.” P2PU creates a platform […]

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Audio Review # 110 | Codine For Newbies, Candy For Pros

Overview CodeCademy is a free, online, code instruction site. Not for the graphically driven among us, CoedCademy is crunchy and serious. If you wish to learn HTML, Python, or most of the popular coding languages out there, consider CodeCademy as an excellent resource. The user sees two windows, one with the code and one with […]

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Audio Review # 53 | Classcraft Changes How You Manage Your Classroom

Overview Now Classcraft is an interesting site!  Usually I would just say head over to Class Dojo for behavior management ideas, but this site is a bit different. It appeals the the nerdy Dungeons and Dragons person of my youth. And, unlike Class Dojo, it is easily adapted for older students. Basically Classcraft lets you […]

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Audio Review # 47 | Create Powerful Cartoon like Videos with Powtoons

Overview Toss out PowerPoint and Keynote and use Powtoons for your presentations.  Powtoons offers a wide variety of sounds, graphics, text objects and characters to create fantastic, cartoon like animations you can save, download and/or upload to YouTube.  The interface is really strong and well designed. Concerns It has a long learning curve and you […]

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Audio Review #36 | Build Curvy Presentations With Prezi

Overview Like many tools out there Prezi is something that is easier to understand if you see it rather than read about it.  So feel free to skip the rest of this write up and just check out these examples, because you might understand it better. For those of you who would still prefer to […]

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