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Audio Review #93 | Twitter Now Allows You to Tweet Video and Photos From Your Phone!

Overview I think basically everyone knows about twitter now, but you may not know that twitter has recently come out with a new feature that makes tweeting more fun.  You can now tweet video!  You have to have the app on your mobile device to make this work but all you need to do is […]

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Audio Review # 88 | Plant Nanny App Motivates You To Drink Water!

Overview Plant Nanny is a new fun app that reminds me of the old Tamagotchi Digi Pets from the 90’s combined with a Chia Pet.  When you start the app you get to choose a plant that you are going to raise.  You “feed” your plant by watering it, but in order to water the […]

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Audio Review # 74 | Misfit helps you track your fitness.

Overview We all want to be healthier and a huge number of people make health related new year’s resolutions each year but we don’t always reach our goals.  The Misfit is a new fitness tracker that allows you to keep track of your steps and sleep and helps to show you if you are making […]

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Audio Review # 60 | The NSTA Learning Center is your go resources for the NGSS.

Overview I am incredibly excited about this resources.  If you are one of the schools who have adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) then you know that good resources that truly align to the curriculum are hard to find.  The NSTA learning center has published a series of webinars on the NGSS walking through […]

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Audio Review # 59 | Kidblog is a Safe and Simple Classroom Blogging Platform for Students

Overview Online portfolios and classroom blogs are a common topic in tech circles.  The big question that comes with them is how do you manage the student blogs and make sure that students are practicing good digital citizenship as well.  Kidblog is a good place to start.  This blogging platform allows you to password protect […]

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