Tech Talk Roundtable 09-04 | Asking the Right Questions


How can we push students past simple recall into deeper thought and engagement?  Is it about teaching content?  Or should we be asking more questions?  If so, what questions should we be asking?  Do you think WE know?  Would you like to listen to today’s podcast and see if we can find out?

Lessons Learned

Chris – Playing cards, a sheet of paper, and an imagination are excellent tools for classroom team building, and spending a class building a team will pay dividends many times over.

The Quiet Year:

Dennis – Not a new lesson learned, but did get a chance this week to introduce some teachers to this wonderful tool, which is incredibly useful if you are working on curriculum documents or your school’s WASC Report.  The education jargon generator.

Daniel – Using the Trim function[1]  in Mac Finder to edit the ends of your videos and audio.  Quick and Easy.

Fun Fact

About Socrates (SO-CRATES)

  • Not an attractive guy.  Described as having the “mouth of a frog or donkey” and “bulging eyes that don’t track”
  • Not a teacher in the traditional sense.  He was known to say that he doesn’t have information to transmit and that’s why he’s asking questions.
  • Never wrote anything down.  All we know about him comes from accounts of his students like Plato and Aristophanes.
  • Could have avoided trial and execution completely byby going into exile but chose uncompromising civil disobedience. “O men of Athens, I say to you … either acquit me or not; but whatever you do, know that I shall never alter my ways, not even if I have to die many times.”


Source: 7 Facts About Socrates, the Enigmatic Greek Street Philosopher | HowStuffWorks

Notes & Links


How might this “How do you know?” technique be applied in the following models:

1) Distance Learning

2) Blended Learning

3) Asynchronous (Self-paced, online) Learning


Another link shared by Chris:

Bringing What Worked During Virtual Learning Into Grade 3-12 Classrooms | Edutopia


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