Tech Talk Roundtable 08-12 | A World Without Tech, Amen!


In the establishing shot of the movie Transcendence, people use keyboards as door stops and discarded computers litter the streets. Mankind is slowly recovering from tech-addiction, returning to a life of face-to-face communication and the petty inconveniences of a tech-free world. While that world may be a dream for some and a nightmare for others, we take a Waldorf Schools’ view of classrooms without tech. What are the essentials of teaching? What happens when tech isn’t there to support these essentials?

Lessons Learned

Chris – Mmhmm 2.0 like chunky monkey delicious!

  • Mixed live with pre-recorded
  • Duel video
  • Presets to keep a “look”
  • iOS app coming soon

Dennis – Cool new feature coming to Teams – Reading Progress

Daniel – teleprompter –


Fun Fact

First Television Broadcast

“The first American TV station began broadcasting on July 2, 1928. W3XK was the first commercially licensed television station in the US, owned by inventor Charles Francis Jenkins. The company broadcast just outside Washington, D.C., and continued to air “radio movies” to the general public five nights a week until 1932.”


Notes & Links

Thought Experiment – What if all your technology failed?  


No Internet, devices bricked, no power.  What would happen to learning?  Could it happen?  What are the consequences?


1980’s PBS Series, “Connections” featured James Burke.  In Episode 1 – The Trigger Effect, he talked about the New York Blackout and looked at what could happen if all our technology systematically failed us and we were put back to the age of the plow.


In the show he talks about all the technology we use, trust, depend on, every moment of every day with absolutely no idea how it actually works. And poses the question: How did we get here?


Let’s look at the technology we depend on for Education – in fact, let’s drill down to the definition of “education” itself.  What have we built? How easily could it be completely unravelled?


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