Tech Talk Roundtable 08-11 | If Second Graders Can Make Video, So Can You!


During distance learning we all learned the importance of video for meaningful teaching and learning.  A good video can teach and even inspire.  A bad video . . .  well we’ve all seen our share of those too. Today on the podcast we welcome special guest Dan Speed, who is not only doing great things with video in his classroom, but his students are, as well.

Lessons Learned


  • The pleasures of kahoot
  • A reminder to use reminders
  • Sometimes an empty box can contain hours of enjoyment and learning (shout out: Dave Burgess)

Dennis – Barcode to Sheet/ (pure text to QR Code)

Daniel – Attention Residue – you continue to think and process a previous task once you’ve moved onto another.


Fun Fact

Cisco had already estimated that, by next year, a staggering 82% of all created content will be video. But the pandemic has accelerated an already ravenous appetite for video content. The average U.S. consumer now pays for four different streaming video subscriptions. Nearly one-quarter of U.S. consumers (23%) have added at least one new paid streaming video service since the pandemic began.


Notes & Links

Video is more than just sharing information, it can connect on an emotional level as well.  In school that’s important for moving that info into long term memory (retention).


SPECIAL GUEST:  Dan Speed (2nd Grade Teacher here at Concordia)



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