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Hey, if you’ve been with us since the beginning that means you have been listening to us drone on and on for eight whole years. We finally honor your stubbornness by addressing some fascinating applications of  … drones.

This week, NASA scientists flew the first drone on Mars.  This amazing technology has changed the way we look at flight, gives us a different point of view on the world (and other worlds) around us, and will likely be the way we receive future Amazon deliveries – beside all that they are really cool!

Today on the podcast we will welcome two of our own drone experts to tell us everything we need to know about drones.  They have experience flying drones, filming with drones, and they also teach a drone CCA here at Concordia. Oh did I mention they are also middle school students?


Lessons Learned

Chris – Porting information from one phone to another has gotten much easier, but there are still some kinks.

Dennis – Need an alternative for Google Classroom? Teachers and Students can use Microsoft Teams for Free!

Daniel – Recording PE class for analysis of their spacing during invasion games.  Plan your flight using AirMap to ensure that you can fly on the day.


Fun Fact

Getting Rid of the Hiccups

Although the article dismisses it, you can use fear – or at least the fear of public speaking to dismiss hiccups too.


Notes & Links

Special Guests: Marcus and Shreyas from Concordia’s Middle School tell everything we need to know about Drones.


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