Tech Talk Roundtable 08-08 | Technology vs. Biology

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We get up in the morning, check our weather app, check our Facebook, check Instagram, check the top news feeds pushed to us on our mobile device, and scroll through the dozens of notifications we received over night. The volume of information that our technology pushes to us is greater than ever before, yet our biology has limitations on what we are designed to pay attention to, or even process.  Apps and social media are fighting for our attention, yet we have maxed out or surpassed what we are biologically capable of focusing on…


Wait, I lost my train of thought. What am I talking about again?


Oh, right, data overload. Today we continue our discussion on distraction as we talk about the battle between the biology of attention and the demands of technology.


Lessons Learned

Chris – 5 Tips for Zoom Breakout Rooms –

  • Understand the basics
  • Personalize the rooms
  • Highlight kindness and courtesy
  • Assign roles
  • Allow feedback opportunities (and address feedback)

Dennis – (What Zoom breakout rooms SHOULD be like.)

Daniel – Be careful with sharing Zoom windows.  VTC


Fun Fact

If “Back to the Future” was made today and Marty McFly traveled back in time 30 years like he did in the original, the song he would likely be playing at the dance would likely be “Smells Like Teen Spirit” because it would be 1991.  (Yes, 1991 was 30 years ago.)


In 1991

  • There was no
  • We were renting VHS tapes from BlockBuster – remember searching through the empty cases on the shelf to see if they had any of the new release that you wanted to rent?
  • Playing Legend of Zelda on Nintendo (NES)


Notes & Links



Key Points from Article

“multi-tasking also creates a dopamine feedback loop, effectively rewarding the brain for losing focus. In short, we can become addicted to multi-tasking and the false sense of accomplishment that it brings.”


“We become better students through the quality of the information that we internalize, and not through its volume.”


The conscious mind is capable of processing c.120 bits per second. A conversation requires c.60 bits per second. To listen deeply requires more. In other words, our brains are not designed to multi-task.


“Attention is a limited capacity resource. And our brains have evolved to focus on a single thing at any given time.”



Organize and Categorize, two things we are very good at doing.

Give yourself specific times to do specific tasks, and don’t cheat yourself!


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