Tech Talk Roundtable 07-21 | EdTech Ask Me 3.0


You’re awesome!  You’ve done it!  Today is your day!

You’ve made it this far. You’re well on your way.

You’ve Zoomed, and you’ve SeeSaw’d, and posted online.

You’ve checked on your students to make sure they’re fine.

You’ve stretched beyond limits and still haven’t snapped.

You’ve  taught in sweat pants and you’ve afternoon napped.

Now the year that won’t end seems close to it’s close.

What will next year be like?  Nobody knows.

But let us not wonder – at least not today.

Let’s set work aside and make time to play,

A game made to challenge both Daniel and me.

A game Dennis calls “EdTech Ask Me – Part 3”

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Pilot the Dragon Crew capsule to dock with the ISS.

Chris – I do not have to agree in order to understand another point of view

Daniel – – a great way to share student digital portfolios and they have a gift store that allows you to put your child’s artwork on canvas, mugs, keychains, etc.

Fun Fact

Beam Me Up Scotty!

Today’s fun fact: In honor of this week’s successful launch of the spaceX Falcon 9, we go back to 2017 where the cremated remains of actor James Doohan, who played Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the original Star Trek series, are among those of 300 space enthusiasts lofted into the stratosphere aboard Falcon 9 when the rocket lifted off. A Texas-based company called Celestis arranged for the out-of-this-world memorial. The company can also arrange to have grandma’s remains shot to the moon, and charges around $3,000.

Notes & Links

Ed Tech Ask Me 3.0

Game #1 – App Mash Up

Game #2 – Chicken or the Egg

Game #3 – Two Truths and a Lie

True Links – Don’t click until after listening to the show.

Game #4 – Fun Fact Roundup – Lightning Round


Summer Plans

Chris – I am hanging out with my colleagues who, like me, are husbands and dads who are forced to remain in Shanghai, apart from family, due to travel restrictions. So, what to do? Have a German food Feast!

Daniel – We are in the covid holding pattern, waiting for Vietnam borders to open.  Lesson learned from this pandemic: get there right away.

Dennis – Hopefully return to Shanghai, celebrate our wedding with our Shanghai Family, and move into a new apartment.



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