Tech Talk Roundtable 07-20 | Lessons Learned Through Online Learning – Part 2


On our last episode, we provided a plethora of pithy platitudes praising the technological proficiency we’ve procured through these problematic protective policies.  Today we continue that conversation by deep diving to deliver some more specific examples of how we might do things differently as we return to our post lockdown classroom,  where it will NOT be business as usual.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – iPad Smart connector.  The iPad as a laptop replacement device might have finally arrived.

Chris – You can use multiple devices on the same account  to teach through Zoom. You can use one as a whiteboard (iPad), another device as a video-microphone for students to share and respond (cell phone), and a third device to serve as your still camera (laptop).

Daniel – – lets you know if major internet services are down. Helps you to diagnose if it is your internet

Fun Fact

Today’s fun fact is all about something we are truly thankful for, from the heart of our bottoms – Toilet Paper.

Notes & Links

What are some specific practices and technology that we’ve learned to use through this experience that can transform our teaching and learning?


  • Leverage technology for flexible scheduling
  • Lessons that focus more on Goals or Essential Questions, rather than Daily Work
  • Flipped Classroom has a more prominent role in instruction (Daniel – VIDEO)
  • More online collaborative projects
  • More extensive use of Digital Portfolios
  • + authentic assessment, – “objective” assessment
  • Less, and more meaningful, assessment
  • Rubrics, rubrics, rubrics


Lessons Learned from Online Learning

  • A need for unified systems.  No more Lone Ranger teachers using different systems.
  • (Daniel) Leverage Zoom to bring experts into the classroom.
  • Collaborative Teaching – Multiple teachers in Zoom rooms has provided an unprecedented opportunity to observe other teachers teaching.  (Daniel) Will this end the one room schoolhouse model.  “Our students vs. My class.”


Global School Play Day –



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