Tech Talk Roundtable 07-17 | What’s in Your EdTech Easter Basket?


Online Learning, Virtual School, Home-Based Learning, whatever you want to call it, we’re all doing it.  Some of us have been doing it longer than others.  (sigh) Is it getting old yet? If so, maybe it’s time to try something new. What online tools do we recommend to inspire creativity and student engagement?  Well, get your #2 pencils ready as we proudly provide a plethora (you know what a plethora is don’t you?) of powerful tools that you and your students can use to Make Home-Based Learning Great Again!

Lessons Learned

Dennis – How much feedback is too much? Cut student stress by eliminating grades in favor of checking for completion.  Don’t offer too many redo’s.  Know when to say “Let’s move on.”

Daniel –  AirPods. You can configure them to work separately. Increasing your time of use.

Chris – The needful 20% need 80% of the time. The last thing they need is a lecture.

Fun Fact

The Three Amigos Movie (1986)

The film was almost given to Steven Spielberg to direct, but he chose to do E.T The Extra Terrestrial instead.

If Spielberg had taken on the movie to direct, his choices for the Three Amigos would have been Steve Martin as Lucky, Bill Murray as Dusty and Robin Williams as Ned.

In the film, Steve Martin knows how to use a lasso, he learned this years before when he worked in a magic shop at Disney Land as a teenager!


Notes & Links

Zearn – Fabulous curriculum on point; great repetition;

Discovery Education Streaming (Free for schools closed due to Covid 19)


Sora – Recognizes multiple accounts.

BloxelsEDU & Home Access ( vs. Youtube storybooks for EC

Threaded Discussions


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