Tech Talk Roundtable 07-16 | Lessons from Mister Rogers


Is it a beautiful day in your neighborhood?  Or are you crawling the walls, feeling like you’re about to go out of your mind?  How are YOU doing? What are you struggling with? Now, probably more than ever before, we need that calm, comforting voice telling us everything is going to be okay.  That it’s okay to be afraid. Remember, in an emergency, look for the helpers. Long before Covid-19 and 9-11, there was one man who knew what we needed. And the lessons he taught us are just as valid today as they were 10, 20, even 30 years ago.  That man is Mister Rogers. Today we’ll look at what he taught us and see how we can apply those lessons as we struggle through “shelter in place” and “home-based learning” and “duck and cover!” Wait, not “Duck and cover!” I’m dating myself there.

Lessons Learned

Dennis –  Beware of Zoombombing.  Never publicly share your Zoom ID. Always use “Generate ID”. Preventing Zoombombing (pdf) from our Tech Director, Tom Reed.

Dennis’s Wedding Photo –

Daniel – Never have too many good ideas during Covid – lockdown.

Chris – Two lessons learned today! First, maintain a reasonable schedule with plenty of flex time built in. But, really, have that schedule.  Second, treat yourself every day with something you like and something that is good for you. A pint of ice cream, my would-be go-to, would make me happy but it is not good for me. Wear your favorite set of clothes if it makes you feel good. Stream that favorite television program. Rent that movie. Work out to that YouTube Zumba class. Join  that book club. Finally, now is the time to learn how to play guitar.

Fun Fact

Fun Facts About Mister Rogers:


Notes & Links

Lessons Learned from Mister Rogers



How do these lessons apply now, as we are “sheltered in place” during COVID-19?


  1. It’s okay to feel whatever it is that we feel.
    1. (Daniel) So true – and we feel them all at different times.
  2. Our feelings aren’t an excuse for bad behavior.
    1. Isolating yourself is bad behavior too!
  3. Other people are different from us—and just as complex as we are.
    1. Presume the best of intentions
    2. Practice grace upon grace (asymmetrical response)
  4. It’s our responsibility to care for the most vulnerable.
    1. Do you have a student who is not doing the work? Not showing up for online meetings? Ask yourself why. Find out what their struggle is. Be approachable. If all you do is get on them for not doing their school work, they may not reach out to you for help or think you will understand what they are struggling with.
    2. (Daniel) – Remember – School is a refuge for many children from their family situations.  Please be present.
  5. We can work to make a difference right where we are.
    1. Power of hope
    2. Antidote to feelings of fear and tendency to procrastinate
  6. It’s important to make time to care for ourselves.
    1. Advocate for yourself.  Do you feel pressure to be productive?  Understand your basic needs. Know what you have the bandwidth to handle and learn to say “no”.  You don’t have to be a martyr. (We know how they end up.)
    2. (Daniel)Challenge one another….be accountable to for your actions.
  7. We are neighbors.
    2. (Daniel) Shoveled snow for my neighbors.
    3. Some Good News by John Krasinski



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