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“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. 

So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day. 

I sat there with Sally. 

We sat there, we two. 

And I said, “How I wish we had something to do.”” 


Does that sound familiar? Is your family weary 

Of viral contagions and weather quiet dreary? 

Does schooling online seem unfun and boring? 

Are you finding at nine you’re still in bed snoring? 

Wake up! There’s a world of learning to learn! 

Who knows what awaits us at each learning turn? 

Today we have students who’ll bring you a smile. 

Instead of leaning ten feet, they learned a Cyber School mile! 

Discover that learning’s not something you’re given. 

Learning to learn is there for the driven. 

So drive with these students as they speak with some glee 

On learning to learn Epidemiology! 

Lessons Learned 

Dennis –  Weiyun Cloud for sharing video in China. $158 RMB for 6TB for 6months 

Daniel – Google FI – Thank you!  Within 2 months, I have been on 3 different continents, 5 different countries and 4 states – only one bill and unlimited data.  Phenomenal!   

Chris – What time is it in your students’ time zones? Ask no more! 

Fun Fact 

The CDC 

On July 1, 1946 the Communicable Disease Center (CDC) opened its doors and occupied one floor of a small building in Atlanta. Its primary mission was simple yet highly challenging: prevent malaria from spreading across the nation. Armed with a budget of only $10 million and fewer than 400 employees, the agency’s early challenges included obtaining enough trucks, sprayers, and shovels necessary to wage war on mosquitoes. 

Today Budget is 1.2 Billion 


Notes & Links 

GUESTS: High School Applied Learning Epidemiology Students – Kelly, Amy, Maddie, Corey  


  1. One of the first covid-19 assignments was to create a timeline.  These are two student examples: 


  1. A student made a video including Tips on Mask Usage for our Community:  


  1. This is a video about the outbreak that a student made “for fun” – it was not part of any assignment.  She does make a mistake that makes Todd grind his teeth but it’s still a great video: 


  1. This is a longer video – we got a set of questions from a HS class in Washington state and our kids who are still in Shanghai answered their questions: 

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