Tech Talk Roundtable 07-14 | When Virtual Learning is Your Only Option


It’s Tuesday so I must be in California.  Or maybe it’s Malaysia.  Or Hong Kong, or Beijing.  If you’re not sure where you are, or when you’re going back, then odds are you’re an international teacher in China trying to navigate what school looks like when you can’t meet in person.  If you are, then we feel your pain.  On today’s podcast we are connecting virtually to talk about virtual school.  How does it work? What are you doing? What works? What doesn’t? And what innovative tools and practices are you implementing? 

Lessons Learned 

Dennis –  Handbrake – for video compression 

Daniel – has been so helpful. MS Team is all over the world. 

Chris –  Zoom works great! 

Fun Fact 

ILOVEYOU is one of the most well-known and destructive viruses of all time.  It’s been 20 years since ILOVEYOU was let loose on the internet.  If you got an email today like the one that was sent around in 2000, you’d never open it. The virus came in an email with a subject line that said “I love you!” People clicked into the email regardless of the fact the email wasn’t from anyone they knew.  The malware was a worm that was downloaded by clicking on an attachment called ‘LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs’. 

ILOVEYOU overwrote system files and personal files and spread itself over and over and over again. ILOVEYOU was so effective it actually held the Guinness World Record as the most ‘virulent’ virus of all time.  Cost of the malware: $15 billion. 

Notes & Links 

Simplify lessons to the least access to technology.  

Using tools for daily interaction – Flipgrid, Voicethread, Padlet,  


Question: How much should be synchronous vs. Asynchronous?  How should you use it? 

Synchronous – Maintaining relationships  

Asynchronous – Deep learning 


Question: How does learning change in this setting? 


Here are my guiding principles moving forward: 

  • Life is about relationships. Period. 
  • Start & end with the essentials 
  • How will I know that you learned the essentials? 

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