Tech Talk Roundtable 07-10 | Robotics (Part 1)


(domo arigato Mr. Roboto)

That’s right we’re talking about the rock band Styx … well, not really. But we are talking about … wait for it … robots! Not really the “Klaatu barada nikto” Gort-style robots of The Day The Earth Stood Still fame, but the less earth-threatening kind. You know, the kind that our kids build, program, and operate right here in school.

Lessons Learned

Dennis A simple tool to help manage your classroom.

Daniel –  Private Channels in Teams – You must create a new channel.

Chris – Android phone-controlled robots! “Most robots are run by the Arduino board, and there are wireless Arduino shields which allow the robot to communicate wirelessly by using a Bluetooth or WiFi module.”  10-ideas-for-school-robot-projects

Fun Fact


Radiolab Episode:

Want to see the mechanical monk?

Notes & Links

10 Reasons Why Your School Must have A Robotics Program


  • Coding and Computer Science. …
  • Maker–based Learning. …
  • Career Skills. …
  • Arts: The “A” in STEAM / Digital Arts Instruction. …
  • Innovation, Problem Solving, Creativity. …
  • Motivation and Engagement. …
  • Collaboration and ”Cooper-tition” …
  • Sport of the Mind / ‘e-Sport’
  • Engineering
  • STEM learning across the curriculum
  • Life & Developmental Skills (ok, that’s 11)

Don’t have time for a robotics class?  Integrate Robots into your curriculum.

  • GR1 – Program robots to move on a number line to model addition and subtraction sentences.
  • ELA – Storytelling. Program robots (Ozobots) to be the actor in a story.

So many curriculum ideas and lesson plans to explore – CodeHS and CodeCombat and CodeSpark for Educators/Librarians and Hour of Code (



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