Tech Talk Roundtable 07-07 | Make IT Happen – LIVE from ACAMIS Tech Conference


Hey! Did you ever think we would be asked back to Podcast LIVE at another ACAMIS Tech Conference? I didn’t. Well, Despite their better judgement, we are MAKING IT HAPPEN live, here, at the home of our podcast – Concordia International School Shanghai.  We’ve got a LIVE and lively audience and some amazing guests who will be sharing what THEY made and HOW they made it happen.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – There are two different Microsoft Forms.  Forms and “Forms for Excel”. If you want your forms to populate a live Excel Online Spreadsheet, you better pick “Forms for Excel”


Daniel – Dr. Li Jiang – Stanford professor and co-Chair of SUGAR Network and involved with the Stanford D School design thinking program -Dr. Jiang talks about going beyond Computational Thinking to AI thinking curriculum.  Basic ideas behind deep learning and cognitive computing.


Chris – “Love people for who they are, and not who you want them to be.” I believe this should be the mantra of all coaches, and maybe just all people. These words of wisdom resonate with me deeply. For these and other thoughtful thoughts like the “Five Day Teacher Challenge” check out our Ed Tech friend and colleague Rushton Hurley’s blog linked in the show notes.


Fun Fact

The Monks’ Penance

The first strong beer (5-6% ABV) was brewed by Catholic monks in the 16th century to them make it through their Lenten fasts without losing too much weight.  The Bavarian abbot was concerned that the merriment brought on by the delightful brew might not be pious – especially during the holy days – so he sent a barrel to the Vatican for an official ruling.  The cardinals in Rome, who were wine drinkers, took one taste of the bitter brew and not only gave official approval, but actually commended the monks for accepting the extra penance of drinking it. (Source: The Book of Strange Facts and Useless Information by Scot Morris)


Notes & Links

What a great conference so far? Do you agree?l.

Students that MADE it happen.

  • Modular Drone – Samuel Xu
  • Student Media Services “Visual Graphics” Student Interest Group (SIG) – Athena & Andrew (Team Leaders)


How do YOU make it happen?

  • Mel Varga – STEAM Cart: Concept to Market



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