Tech Talk Roundtable 07-04 | Why Google Can’t Save Us


Can you imagine a world without Google?  Our students just can’t even. For those of us who remember the days when you actually had to go to a library to do research, or remember how to use a card catalog or an ERIC search, we think kids these days have it so easy.  But is it? Is Google the savior it is purported to be? Or has it just made us lazy?

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Google “Wizard of Oz” Click the shoes then click the tornado

Chris – Google “Thanos,” click on the cartoon glove, and watch what happens.

Daniel – ctrl+two finger scroll – (Mac) You can zoom closer on your screen wherever you put the mouse.


Fun Fact

(From our Corrections & Retractions department)

Our fun fact from last week was not accurate.  The 7% we quoted from John Borg, is a misinterpretation  of the “7-38-55 rule” postulated by Albert Mehrabian

It is more accurate to say the 60-70% is body language, and that “What we say is less important than how we say it.”


Notes & Links

Digital natives are not better at sniffing out fake news!


The information for how to spot misleading websites is often from a document created in 1998


Adults (56% in a trial study) could not tell fake news from real news


Esteemed Historians failed to sniff out a highly biased site from a mainstream site.


Learn & Teach, do not filter


WHOIS IP Lookup (for free!)


Positive Learning in the Age of Information


Why Google Can’t Save Us


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