Tech Talk Roundtable 07-03 | Face to Face PD with Matt Kelsey from ACAMIS


In our last episode we debated the advantages of Face to Face versus Online Professional Development.  Here to continue that discussion, we are bringing in an expert or should we say tech-spert?. One who sees the value in Face to Face learning, Matt Kelsey is an Educational Technology Director and Chair of the ACAMIS Technology Conference and he will be here to share his thoughts with us as well as inspire us with his tech wisdom.

Lessons Learned

Chris – Creativity happens more often with an unstructured environment that includes beverage, brains, and bratwurst than in a strictly structured environment with a pre-set agenda.

Daniel – MS Teams > CMD+G

Dennis – New SeeSaw features.  Multipage and Chrome Reflection Extension


Fun Fact

An authority on body language, James Borg says that human communication consists of 93% body language and paralinguistic cues, while just 7% consists of words.


Notes & Links


(Information gleaned from trolling his Linked-In profile % Twitter feed)

  • A third culture kid from a family of International School teachers, he has worked at international schools in Kuwait, Mali and China since 2010.
  • Director Of Educational Technology – Nansha College Preparatory Academy in Guangzhou
  • Chair of the ACAMIS Technology Conference
  • Doctoral Candidate
  • Started “Breakfast Slam” where teachers share cool technology ideas over breakfast.

ACAMIS Tech Conference – In China for the unique needs of schools in China


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