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Does the institution we know as “modern education” encourage and celebrate the outliers? How do you think a young Albert Einstein, Mozart, or Nikola Tesla would do as students in your school? Would their curiosity be celebrated or scolded?  Would they be encouraged to pursue their passions, or forced to conform to the curriculum? And, provocatively, should education be trying to adapt itself to myriad, diverse learners? Join us today for a lively discussion about ways to tweak what we do for those potential geniuses who are just “wired differently”.

Lessons Learned

Chris – “…education is what others do to you and learning is what you do for yourself.” – Joi Ito, The Educational Tyranny of the NeruroTypical <>

Daniel – cmd-return –

Dennis – Locking Notes on your iPhone.

Fun Fact

Nicolaus Copernicus – Polish astronomer who first postulated that the Earth travels around the sun was also the father of buttered bread.  (SOURCE: The Book of Strange Facts and Useless Information by Scot Morris)


Notes & Links

Article in Wired Magazine –


Book: NeuroTribes <>


Book: Life, Animated <>
Book: Lifelong Kindergarten <>


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