Tech Talk Roundtable 06-22 | Technology, Teamwork, and Excellence – with Rushton Hurley


When talking about teaching and technology, terrific teachers tell tales of transformative teamwork.  Today on the podcast we’ll talk with the talented Rushton Hurley who is back in Shanghai and joining us once again to share ways to bring excellence to our schools and classrooms.

Lessons Learned

Daniel – If you buy an iphone X(R or S) from China, Hong Kong or Macau you can get a Dual Sim Card phone.  Something I have been requesting from the Apple smartphone lineup for years. Android users have a lot of options.

Dennis –

Rushton – 7000 islands in The Philippines

Fun Fact

Our students do a lot of writing. How do they compare to the Daily word count of famous writers?


Notes & Links


Just got back from two weeks working with teachers in the Philippines.

New book coming soon titled “Technology, Teamwork, and Excellence”


NBA player Kyle Korver can write well – Privileged (



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