Tech Talk Roundtable 06-16 | Happy Anniversary WWW


Ring the bells!  Sound the trumpets! Crank up the party machine!  It’s time to celebrate! This week, that wonderful invention, that thing we could not live without, turns 30 years old.  What are we talking about? The WORLD WIDE WEB of course! Can you remember what you life was like before the web? Can you imagine life without it now?  Do you remember when it was possible to disconnect and relax? We can’t. Today we reflect on this Mah-velous invention and its profound impact on education as we know it.

Lessons Learned

Chris – Let me ask you a question. Do you find yourself seeking more opportunities for solitude and quiet spaces than in the past? I’m not sure if this is a “lessons learned” or just a hunch, but here it goes. I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test a number of time and each time I’m about as extreme an extrovert as the scale can bear. Still, this year, I find myself more frequently seeking solitude and quiet places to work. I actually think I could work from home, and that has never been the case previous to this year. Please email me if you are trending like I am. My hunch is that we all need some disconnected time, even the most extraverted among us, and that the web, and the internet that supports it, has largely removed that disconnected time.

Daniel – Living in a Google-less world is possible!  It just takes approaching workflow differently.

Dennis – RANT!  I did not log out! YOU(Microsoft) logged me out!

Fun Fact

The official name for the “#” hashtag or pound symbol is the “octothorpe”.

Notes & Links

Information Management: A Proposal” by Tim Berners Lee.



What he envisioned is the WWW as we know it today – not to be confused with the Internet.  (What’s the difference?)


Daniel – Amplified my abilities: to learn (encyclopedia vs Youtube);to be productive (shared calendars); to live remotely and feel part of education community (Twitter)


Dennis – Global connectivity and collaboration.

Do you remember WebQuests?

Why The Web Won’t Be Nirvana (1995 Newsweek Article)

Why the Internet Will Fail (1995 Essay)


BIG thanks to Tim Berners-Lee…


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