Tech Talk Roundtable 06-13 | Embracing a Culture of Joy – with Dean Shareski


Picture your school.  Your classrooms. Your staff meetings.  Your professional development. Do you see the JOY?  Is joy an integral part of your day, or something you only do if you have extra time?  Today we welcome our special guest, Dean Shareski, an expert on Joy and the author of “Embracing a Culture of Joy” and learn why Joy should be one of the non-negotiables at your school.

Lessons Learned

Chris – We make joy happen. Teachers have the greatest potential for influence in their classroom. If we are not excited, why in the world should we expect our students to be excited? We make joy happen, and it starts with recognizing that every child needs a hero. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Why shouldn’t that hero be you? You may be the only joy a child sees all day. Joy and Heron

Daniel –  Screentime – Screenagers

Dennis – Want teachers to buy in and use a tech tool or app? Sometimes you have to be sneaky.  I used Book Week as an opportunity to introduce teachers to an app we’ve had for a while but rarely gets used.

Fun Fact

The Christmas carol was originally a poem written in 1719 by Isaac Watts.  It did not become a song until more than 100 years later, when it was set to music by Lowell Mason in 1839, who didn’t intend for it to be a Christmas song, but a hymn that was sung year round. It is the most published Christmas Hymn in North America.

Notes & Links

SPECIAL GUEST: Dean Shareski –  Educator/Author

BOOK: Embracing a Culture of Joy (Available at Amazon)


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