Tech Talk Roundtable 06-09 | I See, I Saw, I Shared My Learning


There’s a lot of debate over the appropriateness of technology use in Early Childhood, but we’re excited about the possibilities of using technology to keep parents informed and collect evidence of learning.  Today we take a look at a tool called SeeSaw and how it is being used here at Concordia in Preschool and Pre-K. AND because we are definitely NOT experts working with 3 & 4 year olds, we’ve brought in one of our own Early Childhood teachers to share how she and her students are using this tool to “show what they know”.

Lessons Learned

Chris – Whenever you are in a position of power in an unequal power relationship, be it parent and child, teacher and student, employer and employee, one of the hardest and most necessary challenges is maintaining the ability to see the relationship through the eyes of the other person. If you fail to do this, if you fall back on what is essentially a “Because I said so” or “My way or the highway” approach then you will destroy any hope of a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. As a dad and teacher I remind myself of this often.

Daniel –  Power Poses for confidence – puff out your chest, plant your hands on your hips, and stand with feet hip-width apart

Dennis – MERGE Cube AR.  Finally playing with the one I got in my ACAMIS Goody Bag.  Apps like Mr. Body, Galactic Explorer, Hologlobe. Merge community on FB has great ideas.

Fun Fact(s)

Kindergarten: 1852, coined by German educator Friedrich Fröbel (1782-1852) in reference to his method of developing intelligence in young children.

Kindergarten means a garden of children, and Froebel, the inventor of it, or rather, as he would prefer to express it, the discoverer of the method of Nature, meant to symbolize by the name the spirit and plan of treatment. How does the gardener treat his plants? He studies their individual natures, and puts them into such circumstances of soil and atmosphere as enable them to grow, flower, and bring forth fruit,– also to renew their manifestation year after year.


Notes & Links

SPECIAL GUEST: Emily Hays – Concordia Pre-K Teacher and SeeSaw Ambassador


Topics of discussion:

Reasons for using SeeSaw

  • Parent Communication
  • Collecting evidence of learning, and connecting with skills
  • Early foundations of Digital Citizenship.

How are students empowered to manage and share their own learning?



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