Tech Talk Roundtable 06-08 | Student Designed Gamification


Already this season you’ve heard us talk about Game Design and Gamificiation, well today we’re Kickin’ it up a notch and sharing how students are taking ownership of their learning by designing their own “gamified” learning experiences. When students design their own learning experiences you know you’ve got something special.

Lessons Learned

Chris – Seeing  situations from multiple perspectives will never be natural but is always necessary if we are to avoid getting into a mono-vision rut of how we see the world.

Daniel –  Experimenting with vertical video for Instagram editing in Final Cut Pro  – Larry Jordan

Dennis – Augmented Reality helping elementary student learn about Erosion.

Fun Fact(s)

Harry Houdini

  1. Houdini took his stage name from magician Robert-Houdin, whose autobiography inspired him. Houdini was born in Hungary in 1874 as Erik Weisz. He performed as Ehrich the Great early in his career.
  2. An early aficionado of aviation, Houdini learned to pilot his own Voisin biplane and was the third person to fly across Australia in 1910.
  3. In December 1914, Houdini was summoned to a private meeting at the White House with President Woodrow Wilson, who told him, “I envy your ability of escaping out of tight places. Sometimes I wish I were able to do the same.”


Notes & Links

SPECIAL GUEST: Joshua (HS Student) NHS Students are designing their own BreakoutEDU Games.  Why?


Concordia BreakoutEDU Experience from last Spring –



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