Tech Talk Roundtable 06-07 | Big Data – with Dr. Peter Tong


Every second of each day:

8,239 Tweets sent

876 Instagram photos uploaded

3,427 Skype calls

63,TB of Internet traffic

70,248 Google searches

76,004 YouTube videos viewed

2,739,223 Emails sent

So what can we learn from all this data?  What can we do with this data? Well we are very fortunate to have a colleague who leads our school; the region; and soon will be chairing a world conference on Big Data to share his thoughts on how we can successfully introduce students to the topic of Big Data.

Lessons Learned

Chris – Managing one’s energy is more important than managing time.

Daniel – HP Reveal – formerly Aurasma – Had fun imagining the creative ways to implement augmented reality.

Dennis – Virtual Tours –

Fun Fact(s)

Every IT person felt validated this week when NASA Repaired the Hubble gyroscope by “turning it off and back on again”

Notes & Links

SPECIAL GUEST:  Dr. Peter Tong has taught Mathematics and Physics in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.  He was an aerospace engineer in Canada prior to becoming a teacher. He has multiple Engineering degrees including a Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering.


Topics of Discussion:

  • Datafication
  • The BIG DATA Conference
  • BIG DATA in Elementary School
  • Block Chain

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