Tech Talk Roundtable 06-05 | Gamifying Your Learning with Vince Siu


I like games. Elvenar, Clash of Clans, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne … I’ve played them all, with pleasure. But this is a podcast focusing on education and technology, right? Where is there room to play games in that?!? Sure, we want to make our classes fun, but …  Well, you may have heard about games and gamification in education. Today we talk with a specialist who helps schools and school districts bring the learning power of games into the classroom, or maybe even take the “room” out of class .

Lessons Learned

Chris – to beat jet lag, get out and exhaust yourself for the first three days

Daniel – Using Hootsuite to schedule posting of my tweets.  PubPDAsia.

Dennis – Laser Cutting Rocks! Thanks Joel Klammer.

Vince – Lego Serious Play

Fun Fact(s)

The original Dungeons and Dragons was released as a 3 book box set in  1974.

Gary Gygax, one of the creators, claims the name was chosen by his two-year-old daughter Cindy — who, when presented with a number of choices of possible names, exclaimed, “Oh Daddy, I like Dungeons and Dragons best!”


Notes & Links

We are joined today by Vince Siu co-founder of Press Start Hong Kong – a first-of-its-kind games consultancy with a mission to explore the world through games and to unlock the full potential of games as a platform for learning, innovation and inspiration.


For more info about what Vince is up to, go to


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