Tech Talk Roundtable 06-02 | E-Mail Safety – Don’t Get Scammed


Did you know that most hacking incidents are not the results of random “brute force” attacks, but rather occur when WE willingly and unwitting share our personal information?  It seems the more sophisticated our security gets, the more clever online scam artists get at tricking us into giving up our ID’s and passwords. Today we’ll talk about how we train ourselves, our colleagues, and especially our students to recognize these scams and not fall victim to them.

Lessons Learned

Chris – Make time each week to have a beer beverage with friends, and include spicy peanuts.

Dennis – FlipGrid has new requirements to protect students, but that comes at a cost of convenience.

Fun Fact(s)

About Email

Notes & Links

Strategies for teaching students…


Password Strength Check (Thanks to Tom Reed for sharing)


PBS Nova Labs’ Cyber Security Simulation (yes, a fun game!)


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