Tech Talk Roundtable 05-27 | Teaching at an International School


Have you ever thought about going International?  What are the qualities and skills you might need? If you’re a new teacher, how would you best prepare? Or perhaps you’ve been in the classroom for a while and are looking for a new adventure.  On today’s podcast we’ll answer some of the questions you might be asking about Teaching in an International School.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – SketchFab (

Chris – Silence is not necessarily a lack of learning

Daniel – – Using it to storyboard with a team.

Fun Fact

According to in 2000, there were 2,584 English-medium international schools around the world.  Today, there are over 9,000 schools serving 4.85 million.


Notes & Links

  1. What are the absolutely necessary characteristics (skills & dispositions) that a teacher in an international school needs to be successful?

Daniel: Sense of adventure and wonder; also flexibility

Chris: reasoned risk-taking, compassion


  1. What experiences do you think would best prepare teachers to work in an international school?

Daniel: Travel, interest in people

Chris: Teaching at a tough, and I mean tough, high school


  1. What approaches to curriculum creation do they need to know?

Daniel:Integrating local culture

Chris: If all else fails, Keller’s ARCS model works fine (


  1. What are the most common challenges for new teachers in your school?

Daniel: Understanding the culture or ‘way things work’

Chris: Sipping from a firehose on every level (Procedures, tools, colleagues, students)


  1. What are two books you think every teacher should read?

Daniel: Third Culture Kids

Dennis: Making Your Teaching Something Special (Rushton Hurley), Teach Like a Pirate (Dave Burgess)

Chris: Global Digital Citizenship Foundation (

For more stories from International Teachers be sure to check out Daniel’s iTeachOverseas Podcast at


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