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“Your feedback is important to us.  Please take a few moments to complete this brief survey and let us know how we are doing.” Today we’re talking about feedback and thankfully, that is NOT the kind of feedback that we are discussing. Rather, we are gathering our collective experience of the do’s and don’ts of giving feedback to students, hoping to distill them down to a handy, concise list.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – I am still not writing a book.

Chris – I sometimes lecture too much and entertain too little.

Fun Fact :

  1. Martin Luther King, whose “I have a dream” is probably the most famous speech of all time and for sure one of those that had a huge impact on society, was not always a great speaker. In seminary school for public speaking his grade was only… C.
  2. Mark Twain, the author of Tom Sawyer novels, earned more from public speaking than from writing.
  3. The fear of public speaking is called Glossophobia. Fear of death is Necrophobia. You wouldn’t think so, but more people are affected by the first. Jerry Seinfeld said once that an average person at a funeral prefers to be in the casket than doing the eulogy.


Notes & Links

When presenting difficult information, consider:

What type of educational background does audience have?

What obstacles (e.g., previously held ideas) may interfere with this audience’s ability to process this information?

Do they hold attitudes that may interfere with their ability to hear your message?

What are the challenges inherent in this information that might make the information difficult for an audience to understand (e.g., vocabulary, amount of material, etc.)?


Six hooks to grab an audience’s attention:

  1. Surprise the Audience. …
  2. Ask the Audience a Question. …
  3. Combine a Question with Surprise. …
  4. Use a Metaphor. …
  5. Tell a Story. …
  6. State the Problem in Stark Terms.


Brain Rules #4 – We don’t pay attention to boring things. – Dr. John Medina


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