Tech Talk Roundtable 05-24 | Protecting Your Digital Self


Recent news of Cambridge Analytica harvesting information from Facebook accounts has made us ask yet again, “How safe am I online?”  Today we take a look at our own digital footprints, and read you your digital rights, because anything you post can and will be used against you – if you’re not careful!

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Prepare to be spontaneous.

Chris – “As a matter of fact, yeah, they were foolproof. The problem is that you don’t have to protect yourself against fools. You have to protect yourself against people like me.”

― Jeffery Deaver, author, The Blue Nowhere

Daniel – “We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.” ~ Winston Churchill.

Fun Fact

The average time spent using social media is 135 minutes a day, up from last years 126 minutes.

Notes & Links

Google Yourself – (Set a Google Alerts) –

  • It will send you alerts of any terms you enter.  Change the frequency so that it does not clutter in your inbox.


We voluntarily give out personal information just to find out…

  • What Disney Princess are we most like?
  • What color is our personality?
  • How liberal or conservative are we?


Our devices are giving out personal information


How close does your online identity match your real identity?  Do your online friends see the “real you”? Don’t judge your real self based on  someone else’s online self. (Unless you really want to feel dull and inadequate.)


Create an algorithm for generating easy to remember passwords that are tough to crack and unique for each website



How to Revoke Facebook App Permissions –

How to Turn On/Off Location Services in iPhone or Android


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