Tech Talk Roundtable 05-23 | I Screen, You Screen, We All Screen


I screen, you screen, we all screen, so today we’re gonna talk about screen time.  Look around you. At home, at the restaurant, on the subway. Our faces are turned down, looking at screens.  Join us today as we take a look at good screen time, bad screen time, how much is too much, and when to turn it off.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Take a walk.

Chris – When faced with a significant choice, ask yourself, “Will this option move me closer to my goal?” If you a caught in a moment when emotions are running high ask, “Ten years from now, what is the choice I will have wished I had made?”

Daniel – When you are saying yes to one thing, you are saying no to something else.  Very conscious this week of how I am spending my time.


Fun Fact

According to a recent study by Influence Central (which explore the increasing role technology now plays in the lives of today’s kids. The average age of smartphone ownership is 10.3 years of age. In 2012, 12 years of age

Notes & Links

No Use Fighting Your Kids Screentime and Gadget Use (Smart Parenting)

    1. Don’t Fight Screens – Kids are going to use them. Accept that fact.
    2. Monitor YOUR Screen time – Model for your kids
      1. Quiz- What Kind of Screentime Parent are you?
    3. Let the gadget be your LAST option – Kids bored? Have a list of other things they can do before the gadget.
    4. Discuss Rules – (Family Tech Contract – Common Sense Media)


  • Set aside “no-screen” time for family.



How Much Screen time is Okay for My Kids? (Common Sense Media)

Look at TYPES of screen use. Limit some encourage others.

  • Consumption – Passive
  • Consumption – Interactive
  • Communication
  • Content Creation


PEW Research

6 takeaways about how parents monitor their teen’s digital activities (January, 2016)


6 takeaways about teen friendships in the digital age (August, 2015)


One Quarter of adults “almost constantly” online: (March, 2018)


Other Resources

5 questions to ask before giving a cell phone –

Screenagers Movie –

Article –


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