Tech Talk Roundtable 05-22 | Developing a Maker Culture – The Importance of Empathy


Are you a Maker? Do you have a MakerSpace at your school?  What distinguishes your Maker Program from just “Arts & Crafts”?  Today our special guest, Concordia’s own Elementary STEM Coach, Ryan Maney will join us to share his thoughts on the importance of empathy in developing a maker culture at your school.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Google Cardboard VR.  When using with students break it into short segments. Allow time for observations & reflection.

Chris – Model being a learner as often as possible. Make mistakes, not excuses. Growth mindset demands it.

Daniel – is now my new friend.  Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande – the volume and complexity of knowledge today has exceeded our ability as individuals to properly deliver it to people—consistently, correctly, safely.

Ryan –  Model the Thinking You Want to Happen.

Fun Fact

6 Scientifically Confirmed Facts About Our Brains

Notes & Links

Special Guest: Ryan Maney – Concordia’s Elementary STEM Coach



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