Tech Talk Roundtable 05-21 | Oldies But Goodies


If you’re here hoping to learn about the newest coolest new app – stop listening, because today we’re going to take a look back at some tried and true apps and tools you might have forgotten about.  Sure they may have lost that new app smell, but these are still some solid tools for student learning, creativity, and collaboration. Join us today as we take a new look at some oldies but goodies!

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Don’t assume people understand Google Docs – specifically how to manage shared files and folders.

Chris – You must have time to maintain yourself, or you will not have any time at all.

Daniel – Be clear in your instructions.

Fun Fact

Online Video Statistics


Notes & Links

Padlet.  (Dennis) Take another look.  Some cool new features added – map, snapshot, video, link to other walls…


Big Huge Labs – (Dennis) Create Magazine Covers, Trading Cards, Movie Posters, and more from your own photos.


Classtools – Russell Tarr gifted the education world a wonderful, free set of tools to enhance and support student learning called There are too many cool tools to list all of them, but the Fakebook, countdown timer, and random name selector are among my favorite.


BrainPop -this online animated learning resource has been around since 1999.  Over the years BrainPop has saved or help me differentiate my lessons.  Looking at it now they have added many new interactive features such as Make-a-Movie, Make-a-Map (mind map), SnapThought (written reflection tool), Creative Coding, and so much more.


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