Tech Talk Roundtable 05-20 | Applied Learning Part 3 – with Jared Maisel


As you remember from last week’s podcast we spoke to our Third Culture Coffee students  who shared their Applied Learning experience. Today we shift our focus from coffee to cardio-vascular – Applied Anatomy and Physiology as we welcome certified Athletic Trainer Jared Maizel from our Sports Medicine program with another amazing example of how our Applied Learning courses are changing the definition of “learning”.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Padlet.  Take another look.  Some cool new features added – map, snapshot, video, link to other walls…

Chris –  I don’t find myself ½ as interesting as those I work with.  It reminds me to be humble.

Daniel – My 40 lb bundle of joy infected the entire family with the flu.

Fun Fact


The study compared the rates of coronary heart disease (CHD) between drivers and conductors of the London Transport Executive. The investigators formed the hypothesis: “Men in physically active jobs [conductors] have a lower incidence of coronary heart-disease in middle age men than have men in physically inactive jobs [drivers]. More important, the disease is not so severe in physically active workers, tending to present first in them as angina pectoris and other relatively benign forms, and to have a smaller early case-fatality and a lower early mortality-rate.”


Notes & Links

Special Guest: Jared Maisel –  Concordia’s Certified Athletic Trainer and Wellness Coordinator.  Jared is an integral part of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Applied course and shares about the course and how it came to be.


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