Tech Talk Roundtable 05-19 | Applied Learning Part 2 – Third Culture Coffee


Applied Learning sounds intriguing in concept, but what does it look like on the ground? … brass tacks? Is it applicable to the classroom, really? Well, today we talk with students of Concordia’s Social Entrepreneurship Applied Learning class. These students run a business, from product development and design, to financials, to marketing. And to top it off, this class is in the business of … wait for it … coffee!!!!!

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Always have AA and AAA batteries handy. You never know when you might need them – or save the day for friend/colleague.  (This is also the same reason I carry a power strip whenever I go to conferences.)

Chris – Always have a universal plug adapter when you travel internationally. (Or throughout the universe)

Fun Fact

Serendipity often leads to innovation


Notes & Links

Non-profit social entrepreneurship


–          Relationship with Hani Coffee

–          Give money back to farmers, raised beds, cleft-lip surgeries

–          Develop valuable skills through real life business challenges

–          Roast coffee, work on presentations (share-outs)

–          High quality Coffee picked from farmers in Yunnan

–          Medium (Signature) and Dark roast


Third Culture Coffee is a non-profit social entrepreneurship run by Concordia High School Students. We have established a relationship with Hani Coffee where farmers hand pick cherries, which are then roasted by the students here. By purchasing Third Culture Coffee the profit is then given to the farmers, raised beds, and medical treatments. Concordia students enrolled in social entrepreneurship work on tasks relating to TCC while developing valuable skills. During classes, students roast the coffee, and work on presentations and tasks that better the social enterprise. Our goal is to provide high quality coffee and also benefit farmers in Yunnan. We do this by sending monthly donations to coffee farmers we work with in Yunnan, China. Our money goes into funding raised beds that help dry coffee beans which help farmers produce higher quality coffee. Our Products include the Medium Roast which is the TCC signature roast. It boasts bright, light and nutty tones. You can Taste more of the varietal flavors amplified by hints of chocolate and caramel. We also have a dark roast which has Low acidity with rich roast flavor. It is Complete with nutty, earthy, and smoky tones.



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