Tech Talk Roundtable 05-17 | Applied Learning – What’s it All About?


Forget the three “Rs”. They are so old school. Today we are talking about Applied Learning. Our Special Guest today is Concordia’s own Anne Love, and Ann will be taking us through the Applied Learning revolution that appears to be sweeping the international school scene.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Windows 10 “secret” Screen Recorder.  Windows Key + G

Chris – Students generally do rise to the challenge, as long as that challenge is meaningful to them. So, give kids a vision of what can be, guide them, and let them run.

Daniel – Microsoft makes me a life-long learner – loves to mess with Mail Merge.

Fun Fact

“Treppenwitz” – a witty comeback you thought of too late.  (Isn’t German a fun language?)

“Drachenfutter” – a gift presented to one’s spouse by way of an apology.  Literally “dragon food”


Notes & Links

GUEST: Anne Love, Academic Innovation Coordinator and HS teacher


Concordia Shanghai Applied Learning Courses:



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