Tech Talk Roundtable 05-15 | What Do You Do When There’s Not An App For That?


What Do You Do When There’s Not An App For That?  You roll up your sleeves and create it.  That’s what our Concordia students did for our upcoming Model United Nations/Global Issues Network event. And today they are here to talk about their experiences in creating an app and share how you can help support others in building their own apps.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Attitude is everything.  Quote from Haim Ginott.

Chris – I am at my best when people need me the most, but I am not terribly useful if I perceive that everything is taken care of.

Daniel – FCP X 10.4 – excited about the 360 VR footage capabilities.  Spent time playing.

Fun Fact

Mobile App Usage – Statistics & Facts

Notes & Links

Special In-Studio Guests: Concordia Seniors – Tanya, Edward, and Stanley


What is CISSMUN?


Where can you find their app?



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