Tech Talk Roundtable 04-06 | Building a School in the Cloud


Want to provide your students with a 1:1 digital learning experience? The Infrastructure and implementation costs alone can be staggering. BUT do they HAVE to be? Today we are joined by David Elliott, the technology director at our sister school, Concordia Hanoi as he shares a model for Digital Schools that is affordable, replicable, and sustainable.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – The “Why” is more important than the “How”

Chris – “I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile.” We are all cyborgs now.

David – Hour of Code (


Notes & Links

SPECIAL GUEST – David Elliott – Worked previously at Hong Kong International School. Designed  and built Dragonne, for the past 6 years technology director at Concordia Hanoi.


Your school is 1:1 but does not have one single server!  How is that possible!?


How have cloud based resources changed priorities for technology in schools?


What are the essential conditions for ANY school to do this same thing?


Link to “Building a School in the Cloud” Presentation


Concordia International School Hanoi Living in the Cloud – David’s blog post at 21CL


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