Tech Talk Roundtable 03-02 | Should Teachers Get Paid for Sharing

Teachers, do you have a great idea, project, or lesson plan? Do you think you could make some money by sharing it?  Get ready to open up the debate of whether or not teachers should get paid for sharing on episode 3-02 of the Concordia  EdTech Podcast.”


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One Response to “Tech Talk Roundtable 03-02 | Should Teachers Get Paid for Sharing”

  1. Christina Dominique-Pierre October 15, 2015 12:26 pm #

    While teachers are already getting paid for sharing their resources and knowledge, I believe it should be open source and free for others to use and build upon. I believe in the philosophy of “Ubuntu”–human kindness. In all honesty, no idea is really “original,” because we are constantly building on thoughts, insights, visuals, and etc. I do now want my thought to be confused with giving credit and referencing others work. I am a firm believer of saying thank you and highlighting the creative work of others.

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