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This app can be downloaded onto your computer and then places a “target” symbol around your mouse so that it is easy to find and follow.  There are other versions of this app (programs like mousepose) but this one is the simplest I’ve found.  You go to the website and download the program on your computer and then it installs in your system preferences pane and you can set up hot keys to be able to turn it on and off.



Sample Uses

The title for this app is different than what I would use it for.  You may be different than me but I don’t usually have trouble locating my mouse on the screen.  However, if you are using multiple desktops I could see the benefit of that.

I use this app when I’m teaching students or teachers how to use a new program.  This allows them to easily follow the movements of my mouse around the screen.  This would also be helpful if you don’t use a screen casting software but want to make a “how to” video.

Do I plan to use it?


Commitment and Learning Curve

Low – as long as you are comfortable downloading and installing programs on your computer

Best for ES MS or HS?  

This would basically be a teacher tool and so could be used in any division.



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