Brings An Avalanche of Movieclip Resources To You | Audio Review # 133 is a fanatcially fantastic resource for finding a zillion different movie moments from some of the best movies ever.  The site is packed with all kinds of film genres and film gems.

The front page has a ton of fun suggestions including popular mashups and the clip of the day.  You can search in a bunch of different and interesting ways including prop, director, mood, actor and more.

Check out the “You hit like a girl” mashup for a good laugh.


There are a TON of inappropriate movieclips for students.  So you either need to bring in appropriate clips yourself, or use this resource with older students.

Sample Uses

  • Pull in a clips from multiple genres and have students analyze them
  • Have students take an analytical look at different directors and how they create a scene
  • Pull up a movieclip and have students complete a quick write to finish up where the scene is going.
  • Pull up clips from a book your class is reading as you analyze the book
  • Have students search for a clip that illustrates a mood, genre, character or directing style.

Do I Plan to Use It?

Of course!  But since I teach MS and ES students, I will NOT likely have them search for clips on their own.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Super easy and super low commitment curve. Just head to the site and start watching.

Best for ES MS or HS?

A useful resource for all grades, but be careful about inappropriate content.


Free and… it is even legal!  They have permission to use the clips.

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