Adobe Slate Aids You With Awesome Design | Audio Review # 123

Adobe Slate is an easy to use and intuitive iPad app that makes telling a visual and textual story simple.  With limited menu choices and a clear workflow/path, students will quickly master the story and be up going right away.

Students open up the app and have a blank slate with four choices for adding content: Photos, text, links and a photo grid.  They can use the iPad’s camera, take from their personal camera roll, or easily search the web for photos all from inside the app.

The story can be transformed into a website for easy sharing.  It is possible to keep the site private and to share it over your favorite social media platform.

Again, this app is SUPER simple to use with limited choices and a very clean design.

An Adobe account  is required to get up and rolling.


You still have to know how to tell a story!  As with any of these apps, the power really comes in how you leverage to communicate with your audience.  The limited choices with Adobe Slate mean teachers are better able to focus on how students’ deliver their message and less on how it looks.

Sample Uses

  • Share the personalities that make up a sports or other team
  • Share the birthday girl/boy day with everybody
  • Share and record special events in the classroom
  • Class newspaper with the latest happenings
  • Bio about each student to use at the beginning of the year
  • Portfolio and check in during the year.

Do I Plan to Use It?

Yes, it will be a nice addition to Adobe Voice and easily links to a student’s existing web page.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Low.  The tech is super easy.  Telling a story… well I have whined enough about that.

Best for ES MS or HS?

All grades can take advantage of this platform.



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