Audio Review # 113 | Periscope Let’s You Live Stream Your Life to Twitter


Twitter recently purchased and released the Periscope mobile app.  Like its competitor Meerkat, Periscope lets you stream long form video directly from your phone to the world. It is linked into your Twitter account;  your contacts will get a tweet from you when you turn on the video stream.

People interact with it by leaving comments and by touching the screen a heart will appear.   The more times you touch it, the more hearts appear.  Makes people feel good!

To use the service, just download it and see who is streaming.  You can jump right on and interact without having to try the streaming yourself first.  They try your own streaming.  A bunch of people, most you don’t know, will join you.

Videos are saved for reviewing later.


I have three concerns that many of you may share:

  1. I can stream anything, anytime to anyone and it will be live right away.
  2. I can stream anything, anytime to anyone and it will be live right away.
  3. I can stream anything, anytime to anyone and it will be live right away.

Get it…?

Sample Uses

  • Live broadcast a newscast class
  • Have an opinion stream of the day and see what audience you can build
  • Stream student presentations so parents at home can watch
  • Broadcast live performances such as choir, band, etc.
  • Stream presentations to parents

Do I Plan to Use It?

Yes!  In the beginning I will stream silly stuff to test it out, but as we are streaming this very recording, I do plan to use it in a similar way to stream our podcast.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Surprisingly low.  Once you have the app installed and setup, you just turn it on and go.

Best for ES MS or HS?

It is so easy to use, most any grade could use it.  However, it might be best from a socialization and maturity point of view to limit it to HS.  Depends on your class. I might use it with my MS Media Literacy class, but we tend to take time to discuss appropriate use in that class as part of the overall curriculum.


Totally free. Not sure how they plan to monetize this, but since Twitter owns it, maybe ads will be forthcoming in the future?

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