Audio Review # 100 | Tellagami’s Telemetry Will Not Achieve High Orbit With Teachers


Tellagami is a mobile app for both Apple and Android products that lets you create animated avatars that speak your own voice, or a voice of your choosing through text-to-speech, with many accents to choose from. You can choose the background of the animated avatar from the few that are preloaded, or you can upload an image of your own. the final product is a short video that has your avatar communicating your message to the viewer.


Despite updates, the processing of the video sometimes crashes, forcing a re-do. That can get tiresome. Also, only short videos can be made. I have strung short videos together to form a three-minute Tellagami, but doing so took precious time.

Sample Uses

I used the Tellagami to introduce a long-term Project Based Learning activity.

Do I plan to use it?

No. The time to create a Tellagami could be used doing other things.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Commitment is medium, though Learning Curve is low. Figuring out how to build a Tellagami video is straight forward. Actually building a short video segment may take time, particularly if internet access is slow.

Best for ES MS or HS?

Teachers of any grade level can use Tellagami. Kids react well to the short messages or instructions. Overuse will kill interest.


There is a free version with (very) limited utility. The .EDU version costs a bit at $4.99 for the additional options of backgrounds and avatar mods. I do not see the app as having sufficient pedagogical value to justified any but the most narrow of applications.

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